Help Me Help You Understand Crypto

Welcome to Our Crypto Explainer Series

Hey everyone,

Jordan here. I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be writing a weekly piece for Crypto Tonight! Expect me to cover both the fundamentals, as well as some of the more nuanced areas of the crypto ecosystem. The team at Fintech Today is bullish on where this new industry is headed, but at the same time, the barrier to entry remains high. It’s our hope that through these articles, not only will we make some difficult concepts easier to grasp, but we’ll help welcome new users into the space. 

In order to get started, I’m asking all readers to take a short survey, which should take no more than 5 minutes to answer.  

Please never hesitate to reach out if there’s an area that you find particularly fascinating or would like to understand a bit more. I’ll be back next week with our first article. Until then, stay warm and safe!

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