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  • Podcast Ep.1: NFTs as a Service ft. Sterling Campbell, Founder/CEO of Minotaur

Podcast Ep.1: NFTs as a Service ft. Sterling Campbell, Founder/CEO of Minotaur

Creating the Operating System for Web3

Hi, everyone- Parker here. On our first episode of the Crypto Tonight podcast, I interviewed Sterling Campbell, the founder and CEO of Minotaur. Minotaur is an end-to-end NFT-as-a-service platform building white-label NFT collections for brands, artists, and celebrities looking to engage their audience. In other words, Minotaur is building the operating system for creators on web3.

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I’ve hosted quite a few podcasts in my time. Well, today we’re back with one more. You can check out my interview with Sterling on our new Crypto Tonight podcast here:

In this episode, Sterling and I discuss the inflection points that led NFTs to go mainstream, culture, and community as a cycle of mutual constitution, the strategies Sterling and the Minotaur team use when helping artists and celebrities launch their own NFT collections, and more.

Enjoy, and let me know what you're thinking about the intersection of NFTs and the creator economy at [email protected].

Find more on Sterling and Minotaur here:

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